crush xanax and weed

23. října 2011 v 20:42

Ok so this is my first post, hopefully I posted this in the right place. Anyways im . From what I recall xanax has to pass through your liver in order to be .
What happens if u snort 2 xanax bars (2mg each), smoke a blunt with weed and another xanax bar crushed into it, and then take a hit o.
Human Life > Better Living Through Chemistry . So i noticed how it hasn't really been established here what is, and what isn't a . There are also green bars that .
So I've heard that you can lace your weed with xanax, anyone else heard of this? Any . dont harm your lungs with that shit. seriously i wouldnt waste a zanny. eat a .
If I just had 20mg of hydrocodone about an hour ago, and I wanna do 108mg of concerta as soon as I get a response, I have 54mg pillls of concerta
Best Answer: It would probably be an interesting effect, but why? . It crush xanax and weed does nothing but waste the xanax.
Is it safe to crush xanax and then take it? Because I cant swollow pills. And how can you tell normal xanax compared to xanax xr?
Toke N Talk Crush tylenol w/ weed in the Cannabis Cafe forums; has ne1 crush xanax and weed tryed crushing tylenol or some sort of aspirin and mixing it with bud into a blunt? i know .
I'm hoping for a fast answer because I intend to do this rather soon. Would it be ok to crush up 2 mg of xanax(4 .5 pills) and a Percocet(watson 825 pill. 10mg oxy/ 650 .
Any1 tried this? I want to get fucked up tonight. I take anxiety pills, loxamine, and have a few g's of nice weed. Any1 ever crushed up pills and
The euphoric body > Drug combinations . swim is prescribed 30 mg adderall xr daily in the morning, but swim really wants to . SWIY used to take adderall and xanax .
If snorted, the effects of these drugs may work faster, but mixing Tylenol 3 with codeine may be. Answered Aug 10, 04:42pm.
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