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Lot 77165: JOCK STURGES (American, b. 1947). Maeve, Birke, Floss et Megan - Tara, Montelivet, France, 2006. Epson digital pigment p. (Total: 1 Items)
Definitions of Jock Sturges, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Jock Sturges, analogical dictionary of Jock Sturges (English)
sell photographs of nude children. "The girls model for each other, do each other's hair.. I have begun to rethink my position that model based photography is a lot .
Sturges, Jock (b. 1947), American photographer. A student of the photographer and printer Richard Benson, Sturges worked and studied at Marlboro College in Vermont .
JOCK STURGES (b. 1947). AMERICAN MASTER PHOTOGRAPHER. FANNY, MONTALIVET , FRANCE 1997. Edition 1/40. On the center back of the photograph it is signed, dated and .
ShopWiki has 76 results for jock sturges pictures, including Jock Sturges: Life, Time, Jock Sturges, Jock Sturges: Notes, and Jock Sturges: Twenty-Five Years
Jock Sturges (born 1947) is an American photographer, best known for his images of nude adolescents and their families, primarily taken at communes in Northern .
American, born 1947 . Jock Sturges has long been a lightning rod for controversy for his distinctive brand of nude photography. Sturges shoots much of his work around .
View Portfolio Jock Sturges American, born 1947 . Jock Sturges has long been a lightning rod for controversy for his distinctive brand of nude photography.
Lot jock sturges platinum portfolio 77164: JOCK STURGES (American, b. 1947). Marine et Maia; Montalivet, France, 1991. Vintage gelatin silver, 1991. Paper: 20 x 16. (Total: 1 Items)
The Black and White Art of Luca Paradisi. Fine art photography in black and white. Still life, scenery, abstract and architectural fine prints. Digital art and .
View Portfolio Nicholas Nixon American, born 1947 Nixon
  • Body of work. Sturges' primarily shot in naturist colonies in Northern California and in France. Much of his work revolves around Misty Dawn, whom he shot nude from .

W. Eugene Smith, Soldier in Saipan Holding Baby, Silver Gealtin Print, 1944, 20 x 16 inches, stamped verso Heritage Auction
ShopWiki has 69 results for jock sturges photo, including Jock Sturges: Life, Time, Autographed Jock Callander Photo - 3X5 jock sturges platinum portfolio Index Card PENGUINS, Jock Sturges, and Jock .
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